Humane Raccoon Removal Methods

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Did you know that raccoons are more common in cities & suburbs than they are in undeveloped/natural areas, just like rats? These smart, curious and agile animals create sounds of scratching, chattering and jumping, and can cause considerable damage to the walls, roofs, wiring etc, while trying to make a suitable den or hunt for food. Moreover, they have a bad odor and are considered to be a hazard to parasitic diseases and illnesses such as rabies, salmonella, giardiasis and more. In this page, we walk you through the humane raccoon removal methods that you can use to stop the pesky creatures from taking over your house. 

Humane Raccoon Removal Methods

There are several methods but first, you’ll have to inspect your house and figure out all the “raccoon entry points.” To test whether raccoons are using specific openings, you can place a newspaper in these holes overnight, and check in the morning to determine if they have been disturbed. Only after you have determined the access points is when you’ll be able to select the best humane raccoon removal method to use.

Method 1: Trapping

Baiting and relocating raccoons with the help of a trap is one of the best foolproof methods of evicting raccoons from your house. Just place reliable traps near the raccoon-entry points and you’ll be able to trap them with ease. The small creatures get easily attracted to tuna fish and marshmallow, which you can use to lure them. Once they get trapped, ensure that you release them somewhere far from your house

Method 2: Use Light and Sounds

Raccoons love dark and peaceful areas and are always very active at night. So if you can light up the dark areas within your house and play loud music, you can discourage them from lingering on your property. Note that a simple porch light might not be enough to get rid of a stubborn raccoon. We recommend setting up motion-activated bright lights and radio near the entry points as well as in several areas/spots that raccoons visit. Set a high volume and leave the radio on for a couple of days to scare the noisy and destructive creatures.

Method 3: Sealing Entry Points

You can use wooden planks, good quality net or wired cloth to close the entries and prevent the pesky animals from getting into your house. Don’t forget to lock your windows, since raccoons are great climbers.

Note: You shouldn’t seal off the holes until you are sure that you have eradicated all raccoons. The adult raccoon can become aggressive if the young ones are trapped inside.

Other Helpful Tips

Raccoons are curious and very smart creatures. They can open doors, bottles, and jars, just to access shelter and food. Moreover, they eat a wide variety of foods since they are omnivorous, (nuts, fish, fruits, etc.) Restrict raccoon’s access to food and water by;

• Using locking lids on your trash cans.

• Keeping the garbage secured in the garbage.

• Cleaning underneath bird feeders on a daily basis.

• If possible, take down bird feeders at night.

• Maintain cleanliness in the kitchen.

Always remember that the most humane raccoon removal method will be provided by professionals, if you want to get rid of wildlife animals from your property contact raccoon removal Vaughan.