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Skunk Repellents – Natural Methods To Get Rid Of It

When it comes to skunks, the biggest fear we have is the vile odor these creatures are capable of giving out in an effort to ward off intruders.

However, apart from this odor and its gross effects, there are several other reasons to keep skunks from your home and property too, from their ability to spread rabies through their bites as well as their potential to spread other diseases such as Leptospirosis, Roundworm, Canine Distemper, Canine Hepatitis, Listeriosis, Q Fever and Tularemia.

The good news is you do not always need to use extreme steps to keep skunks away. There are quite a few natural repellents available that go quite a long way in keeping skunks at bay. Here are a few of them.

If it’s your garbage that a skunk is after, and you have already tried everything from sealing the bins to changing their location to a more protected one, you can put in some mustard oil and even mothballs at the bottom of the bin.

If you wish to protect your vegetable bed from these intruders, you can plan it in such a way that there are a few prickly plants growing alongside your vegetables. This will keep skunks away.

If there is a den you suspect holds a skunk family, you can try a mix of yellow onion, chopped jalapeno pepper, cayenne pepper and water and spray it around this area. You can now be sure that the skunks won’t return to this particular location again.

Ammonia too comes in handy. Skunks hate the smell of ammonia and will stay away from any area that has the smell. Citrus plants work the same magic too.

Try these natural skunks removal repellents and you are sure to solve your skunk problem to a great extent.